Skin Allergy & Dermatology

Skin allergy in dogs and cats is a very common and a sometimes, frustrating disease. Thankfully, there are many ways to help your pets. Unfortunately, most of the symptoms presented to us are not always as simple as itchy skin. Often, as a result of the dog or cat biting and scratching their skin uncontrollably, other issues arise such as yeast or bacterial skin infections, hot spots, ear infections, hair loss and more. It is for this reason that when diagnosing and treating the issue, you must not only treat the cause but also the resulting issues.

At Foothills, our team will work with you and your pet to try and determine the cause of the itching so that we can treat theproblem and then have strategies in place to prevent future outbreaks and recurrence.

Our vets work closely with specialists in this field who can help to diagnose and treat those difficult cases.

Dr Sharon Bryden

Dermatology Specialist- Dr Sharon Bryden

BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine) FANZCVS (Veterinary Dermatology)


Dr Sharon Bryden is a registered specialist in veterinary dermatology. She provides a mobile dermatology service so that your pet can be seen in the comfort and convenience here at Foothills. She can provide specialist advice and diagnostics on a range of animal dermatology problems including:

1. Allergic skin disease – intradermal allergy testing and desensitisation
2. Ear infections – detailed examination and cleaning with the aid of the latest video oto-endoscope
3. Bee and Wasp allergy testing and desensitisation
4. Diagnosis and management of unusual and complicated skin disease

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