Desexing or Neutering Your Pet

Dog Desexing

Desexing or neutering involves removing part of a pet’s reproductive system so that they can’t have babies. Usually we perform this procedure are dogs and cats but other animals like rabbits and ferrets can also be desexed. In female animals it is called a “spey” and in males it is referred to as “castration”.

Our price is fully inclusive of things that are sometimes optional elsewhere.

Surgery for you pet will include:

  • A complete health check before surgery and also another one 7-10 days later
  • Pain relief and IV fluid therapy during surgery to make it as safe for your pet as possible.
  • We try not to use stitches on the outside so your pet usually wont need a “plastic” bucket collar which means their recovery is less stressful for them – and you.
  • Dogs will go home with a few days of extra pain relief.