Puppy Teeth

We are able to treat most aspects of dental care to cats, dogs and rabbits from free dental nurse checks, basic scale and polishing to advanced canine root canals and capping. We are able to tailor the care that your pet needs.

Dental disease can lead to difficulty eating, bad breath and tooth loss. We often forget to take into account that the bacteria present in the mouth of a pet can and eventually will end up affecting the liver, kidneys and heart too.

Dog Tartar Cleanup

Tartar Buildup

The photos show the tartar can that can build up on teeth. Once this has happened the bacteria adhered to the tartar will cause infection and inflammation of the gums surrounding the tooth. Left untreated the tooth attachments will weaken and the tooth will become loose causing pain to your dog or cat.

It is important that we check your pet’s teeth at least every 12months at their yearly health check. If any gum disease or tartar buildup on the teeth is noted we will advise you on the best treatment options for your pet.