Giving back to our local community

The CAREfund was established by Foothills to ensure that our wildlife, strays, or animals whose owners need some extra financial aid can still receive the veterinary care that they need. We accept donations to our CAREfund in clinic or via bank transfer, and appreciate the ongoing support of our community in living out our CARE values, helping us pay it forward to #CAREfortheanimals, #CAREforthepeople and #CAREfor the world.

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Foothills Animal Hospital is a non-corporate, family owned and community minded.

We give back as much as we can to our community and support local businesses around us.

We work with many animal rescue organisations with the valuable work that they do providing a new start in life for the dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs and ferrets needing loving homes.

All of the veterinary services we provide to these rescue organisations is not for profit and we have provided tens of thousands of dollars worth of veterinary care to the animals in need. This is very rewarding work for our team and we love being a part of it.

We also have donated money to local schools, sporting groups and not for profit organisaitons such as: Pioneer Village School, Armadale Primary School, Orange Grove, Horse and Pony Club, Roleystone Gymnastics, Intensive Care Foundation, Armadale Girl Guides, Darling Range Wildlife Shelter, WA Sea Bird Rescue, BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association West Australia Inc.)

Spirit Rescue Story

Spirit’s Incredible Rescue Story

Meet Spirit. Spirit was an abandoned dog who had been wandering around out on her own area for what we believe was a number of years. Scavenging what food she could from building sites, Spirit was very malnourished. Her collar had been embedded into her neck and when she arrived at Foothills this has to be surgically removed. Spirit had also been shot which may explain why she was so afraid of humans. Many had tried to rescue her but could not get close enough. It took a long 7 weeks for Caroline Bowditch from Paws Together, Kelly and a team of committed dog rescuers to get close enough to help her.

Spirit was treated for her wounds at Foothills and stayed with us while she recovered. Slowly but surely she began taking food from the staff and eventually began to trust us. Spirit now lives in her new home where she is surrounded by love and her other four-legged friends.