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Here’s what’s happening in and around the hospital…

We are taking extra precautions

We now have ZIPPAY!

We are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with Zip Pay Aus to allow our clients more freedom when taking care of their pets.
We accept both Zip Pay and Zip Money.
For more information, visit the website below or give us a call on 9497 7488.

Shopping Centre Visit

As we reach the end of 2019, we want to say a huge thank you to all of our Foothills family
What a year it has been!
Winning Veterinary Business of the Year was our absolute highlight 🙌 What was yours??
If you have an emergency, please head to WAVES in Beeliar
9412 5700
We look forward to treating all the animals in 2020 and to new adventures ahead 🎉
 From all of us here, we wish you a Happy New Year. 🐶🐱
Stay safe and keep a close eye on pets over this hectic period

Foothills Festive Pets Xmas Competition!

🎄 Christmas Competition 🎄 #foothillsfestivepets
For your chance to WIN our awesome festive hamper which includes a consultation and vaccination voucher, toys, food and lots more!

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We are determined to find the most festive pet in Perth!! 🙌

Winner announced 23rd December 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Here’s Bruce, one of our previous winners for inspiration ❤️
(also running on Instagram)


Shopping Centre Visit

We spent a week in December over at Armadale shopping centre showcasing our wonderful movile vehicle, Jazz!
We also had a huge Christmas hamper to be raffled off with all proceeds going to our Stray & Wildlife Fund, a doggy-emergency demo, discounts on Hills pet food and… KITTENS FOR ADOPTION 😍😍😍 thanks to Perth Rescue Angels 🐱🐱

Merry Christmas from the Foothills team!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Foothills 🎅
We wish everyone a safe and relaxing break and we look forward to the new year ahead 🎊
We are closed:
Christmas day
Boxing day
& New Years day 🎉

Puppy School in 2020!

🐶 Lock in Puppy School for 2020!
Starting again on 7th January for all dogs aged 8-16weeks.
Preschool and High school places available
Go to
for more information and be sure to follow
ps. how cute is Kora’s graduation pic!? 😍

Foothills abroad - team development!

You may have been wondering where Senior Nurse, Shanay has been for the last few weeks… well, she’s only been travelling around the UK having an absolute blast 🌏 all the while gaining experience spending time in veterinary clinics, wildlife parks and referral centres.
During her time away, Shanay worked alongside one of our previous Senior Nurse’s, Becky, at over four different clinics. Whilst away, Shanay observed and assisted veterinarians and nurses who had a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. She noticed some differences in the way tasks were approached but also many similarities mainly around providing exceptional patient care and management of their teams. We are very excited to be implementing some of these new ideas to provide our patients with the absolute best! 🙌

She was thrilled to be given the opportunity to volunteer at Paradise Park in Cornwall, where she met a Maccaw and a HAND-RAISED BABY FLAMINGO!! (we are all slightly jealous) 😲😲😲

‘I had such an amazing experience, and am so grateful to Dr Nicole, Becky and the staff at each of the clinics for giving me this incredible opportunity. I look forward to implementing some of the new strategies and ideas I have gained from my time in the UK.’

We were very excited to see Shanay enjoying her time abroad but we were most excited to have her back home ❤️


Puppy School is BACK!

Come join us for this exciting new puppy school. Arguably the most pivotal stage in your dogs life this five week course for puppies aged between 6 and 16 weeks is designed to provide positive new experiences and connect you an your puppy.

‘Life was made for good friends and great adventures’

Spaces are limited to book please message your details or contact us by phone on 0400 246 337.


We are excited to announce we are now stocking friendly dog collars.

This is a bold way to announce to any other dog owners that your dog may need space. They come in bright colours and are easy to read.

Does your dog have food allergies?
Perhaps they aren’t dog friendly or are a little nervous?
What better way to announce it to others than by wearing it?!

These come in collars, leads, harnesses and bandannas and if we don’t have the size you’re after, we can order it in.


Alternatively, if you would like to order online, please go to the following link 

Jazz has a muddy visit to Boddington!

The Foothills vets are still making regular trips to Boddington and Dwellingup and this is proving to be very successful.

The feedback from clients has been very positive and so, we plan to continue these visits. One of our veterinarians along with our trusty mobile vehicle ‘Jazz’ will be visiting the towns of Boddington and Dwellingup on the first Firday of every month.
Vets will be available for all veterinary treatment including consultations, general health checks, vaccinations, microchips, dental checks and more!
We can also deliver any food, medication or parasite control that may be needed. 

You can book an appointment by giving us a call on 9497 7488, sending us an email at or sending us a message on Facebook. 

On Jazz’s last visit, she encountered some fairly rough conditions. She had to cross muddy terrain, deal with wet weather and do a little bit of off-roading to ensure the animals received the best care!

Round 2 of the Basic Pet First Aid Workshop 6th July

Back by popular demand… The Basic Pet First Aid Workshop hosted by Dr Emily Barrick at Foothills Animal Hospital back in May was such a success, we have had to go for round two and there is already a waiting list!

The team received wonderful feedback on the event. They mostly enjoyed the hands-on aspects and getting to try things out on real animals.

As we enter Winter, the team are currently working on the next education seminar which will be focused on Senior Pets and the issues they are prone to.

The way the events are going and with the positive feedback, we may need to make client education seminars in the area a regular thing!! Let us know your thoughts on this at or 9497 7488.


Foothills Animal Hospital, in partnership with VetLink, now bring to you our online booking system!

What does this mean exactly? Well it means you can make appointments for your furry friends when it is convenient for you to do so.
We also now have the BookMyVet application available.

How does it all work?

You can either log in as a guest and provide your details in the notes section OR you can log in using the primary email address you have registered with us and your client i.d # as your password. This will link up to all of yours and your pets details for ease of booking!


If you are unsure what your client i.d is, please get in touch and we will happily provide you with it or ask next time you are in. If you have an old invoive from us, you will probably find it on there too!


If you have any questions, please let us know! 9497 7488

We look forward to making bookings easier for you and your family !

We are excited to announce that we are offering a Senior Pet Package to cats and dogs over the age of 7 years for the month of June ONLY! The package includes:

Full nose-to-tail consultation
Blood test to check vital organs
Blood pressure check
Urine test
Nail trim
Joint supplements and show bags (while stocks last)
Arthritis Injection (if needed)
10% OFF Hills Feline or Canine j/d joint formula
10% OFF dentals booked before July 1st

The bees are out in full force

We have been seeing a lot of bee stings lately. Here is Baxter’s story…

Baxter the beagle wants to make friends with everyone but unfortunately, not everyone wants to bee friends back.🐝🐝
Today, Baxter tried to bee-friend 😉 a little buzzer who was not too happy about the whole situation. Baxter walked away with a swollen muzzle, a damaged ego and his tail bee-tween his legs 💔
But after a trip to the vets and some TLC from Dad, he was back to full health and ready to take on the world again in true Baxter style!! 🐶
If your pup decides to befriend a stinging insect, please bring them straight in.
Serious problems can arise very quickly especially if your pet has a reaction to the sting or if the area around the face or throat has been affected.

Always bee (last one I promise) safe rather than sorry 😊🐝

Kittens for adoption through HAART

This week, Foothills were stationed at Armadale shopping centre with the trusty pet ambulance, Jazz and three beautiful kittens from HAART (Homeless and Abandoned Rescue Team) who were all looking for permanent homes. We raffled off a gorgeous Easter hamper with 100% of raffle ticket proceeds going to our Stray and Wildlife Fund. At the conclusion of the two days, we had raised $388 and the kittens had lots of potential homes lined up so all in all, it was a HUGE success!

Thank you to Armadale Shopping Centre for having us, Lend Lease who organised the event, HAART who donated some cuddly kittens to keep us company and to the locals who came and spoke to us and donated to a fantastic cause. 

All of the proceeds will now go on to help wildlife and strays who are needing medical attention. 


Basic Pet First Aid Workshop

Hosted by Dr Emily Barrick – BSc Animal Science, BSc Vet Science

Come and spend the afternoon with Dr Emily for an interactive pet first aid learning experience.

Learn what to do when your pet is in trouble.

CPR, bandaging, toxicities, snake bite care, heat stroke, chocolate calculator and much more!

There will be plenty of opportunities for hands on experiences and we will finish with a Q & A session.

  • Saturday 6th April 2019
  • 3pm – 5pm
  • 23 Thomas St, Armadale 6112.(Foothills)

$11 per person

Pre-payment must be made to secure a place.

A pelican pays Foothills a visit

Western Australian SeaBird Rescue brought us an injured pelican last week. This beautiful creature had unfortunately, got himself caught up in some fishing wire, hooks included! Dr Chris anaesthetised him, took x-rays to see where the hooks had ended up, cut the line free from his beak and sent him home with a plan.
The pelican is now being cared for by the dedicated team at WA Seabird Rescue, he is eating his fish and at present is doing well. 
We rely on donations to help us offer vet care for injured stray animals and wildlife. Every $$ helps. If you would like to donate to our Stray and Wildlife Fund you can transfer to BSB: 066118 ACN: 1032 5854 Name: Foothills Animal Hospital with ‘stray fund’ in the description line.

Conjunctivitis in Dogs – Is It Contagious?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to be presented to us with red eyes. There can be several causes for red eyes, and some, like glaucoma, can result in blindness.

Conjunctivitis is the term used to describe redness and swelling of the conjunctival tissues. This is the tissues that lines the inside of the eyelids and covers the sclera (the white part of the eye). When those tissues are inflamed, we use the term conjunctivitis.

There are several causes for red and swollen eyes, and it is important to understand the difference between these in order to treat it appropriately. We can divide the causes into non-infectious or infectious causes. Causes of non-infectious include:

  • Tear deficiencies
  • Chemical irritation
  • Trauma
  • Foreign bodies (e.g. sand, grass seeds)
  • Diseases within the eye (e.g. glaucoma)

Infectious conjunctivitis in dogs in relatively uncommon with most dogs being affected by non-infectious conjunctivitis.

These conditions can be sight-threatening, so prompt medical attention is essential. If you notice any discharge, redness, swelling, cloudiness or inflammation to your pet’s eyes – contact us urgently to arrange an appointment.

Puppy schoolers starting off on the right paw

Foothills puppy school graduates are heading off into the big wide world with a wealth of knowledge under their belts thanks to our comprehensive four week programme.

Attendees learn about a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, safe socialisation, nutrition, vaccination and parasite protection schedules, clicker training and much more!

Most importantly, owners, their family members and their pups are learning how to read doggie body language and socialise with them in a safe and appropriate way. 

Classes run on Tuesday evenings in Armadale.

Call 9497 7488 or email to secure a spot today!

Don’t forget to have a look at our Facebook page for our most recent graduate pics.

Thank you Boddington & surrounds

… for welcoming us with open arms this week for Foothills’ first visit to town. Despite a sweltering 40 degree day, we were fully booked which meant plenty of cuddles and pats all round. Dr Jonathan enjoyed meeting all the clients and being able to help out with their pet’s needs. Our next visit is planned for Monday 4th Feb so contact us on 9497 7488 to secure an appointment.

Our only request is for the heat to be turned down!

February is Dental Month at Foothills!

Did you know that by the age of three, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will have some dental disease present? Scary don’t you think?!
If your pet is showing any sign of pain around the head, difficulty chewing food or has bad breath – a quick dental check may be just what the doctor (vet) ordered!
For the month of Feb, we are offering the following:
🔹 10% off all dental treatments
🔹 FREE dental x-rays for all dentals in Feb
🔹 FREE dental checks with nurses
🔹 Discounts on dental food
🔹 Free samples and much more!!
…now that’s something to SMILE about 😁😁😁
Get in contact today to book in 9497 7488.

Dr Nicole Laurence features on the cover of Best Practice Magazine.

Dr Nicole was recently asked to feature as the cover vet for the national Best Practice Magazine. We feel so honoured to have been asked and along with the photos was a lovely article outlining the original reason behind why our clinic came to life, and our ongoing goals to give the best patient and customer care. As per usual, we cannot take all the credit for the wonderful things Foothills has achieved in the past 5 years; most of it is thanks to our wonderful clients!

We are always endeavouring to better ourselves to ensure that your furry loved ones are getting the best possible care. We have a copy in the clinic if you would like to have a read next time you’re in.

Welcome to Dr Jessie Eldridge!

You will most likely have come across Jessie at some point during your visits to Foothills over the past 5 years. Whether it was being greeted by her bright and bubbly attitude on reception (no matter how manic it was out the back), when she was a nurse for one of your pets or when she stole your furry friend for cuddles and you were starting to wonder if you would ever see them again…

Jessie has brought so much happiness, positivity, knowledge and kindness to the Foothills team over the years and for this, we cannot thank her enough. 

In 2019 (hopefully after she has had some well-earned rest) we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming her back as DOCTOR Jessica Eldridge.

At the end of 2018, after years of seriously hard work, Jessie graduated from Murdoch University as a veterinarian and we could not be prouder.

We cannot wait to work alongside Dr Eldridge and are excited to see what wonders she will achieve.

From all of the staff, clients and pets at Foothills, we offer Jessie a huge congratulations and look forward to the exciting years ahead. 

Happy Christmas & a glance back at 2018 …

It’s been a fantastic year for us here at Foothills. We have been involved in many dog rescues, pet emergencies including some amazing stories of survival; cuddles with many new puppies and kittens and we have also shed many a tear when saying goodbye to some much-loved fur babies. We have delivered over 10,000 veterinary treatments this year including over 1,000 surgeries. Most important of all, we are so grateful to have been able to work with such fantastic animals and clients and we can truly say, we love what we do.  We celebrated our 5th birthday in April and from there, went on to achieve ASAVA national accreditation. We were awarded a Hospital of Excellence title, one of only 54 in Australia and we are absolutely thrilled. The annual Business Armadale Awards then came around and we won the title of overall Business of the Year Award. Dr Nicole was asked to feature on the cover of a national magazine called Best Practice which detailed the new and innovative ways we deliver care to our patients here at Foothills. We also purchased our first mobile pet ambulance vehicle which we affectionately call ‘Jazz’. Jazz allows us to broaden our services to those who would often not be able to travel to the vets for a multitude of reasons and the feedback so far has been terrific. Foothills staff even ticked an item of their wish list this year when Dr Nicole gifted them with a beautiful vegetable garden complete with two free-range hens, Betty and Stevie.  We have also had several staff changes – we were sad to say goodbye to Dr Nathan Mannix early in the year and are pleased to share that he and his family have settled well back in the US and will be enjoying a white Xmas this year! We then welcomed to the world three new bundles of joy, our vet nurses Haley, Siobhian and Jamie all having healthy baby girls. We welcome some new vet nurses Beth, Emily and Jen to the Foothills team and they have brought with them, some amazing experience. The year was then topped off with one of our first employees, Jessie Eldrige, after many years of long and arduous study, graduating as a veterinarian and we are thrilled to welcome her aboard the vet team in 2019. 

2018 has been one of our best years yet and we are so looking forward to doing what we do best in the new year.

Happy Christmas and have a safe and wonderful New Year from Nicole and the team here at Foothills Animal Hospital.

Foothills Animal Hospital are awarded ASAV Accreditation

Congratulations everyone at Foothills. After years of hard work behind the scenes Foothills has now been awarded the title of ASAV Hospital of Excellence.

This is an accreditation awarded by the Australian Small Animal Veterinarian Association. We are one of only 54 vet hospitals in Australia to have this title and it recognises that we meet the highest standards of diagnostics, surgical, laboratory and nursing for the animals in our care. Dr Nicole Laurence accepted the award last week at the national conference on behalf of the amazing team of nurses and vets at Foothills. It has truly been a team effort.

To all the animals, our patients – we did this for you – you deserve only the best.

Cytopoint - Lasting Relief from the Dreaded Itch!

In early October we welcomed the arrival of a new medicine to help in the control of skin allergies in our canine companions. The new product is called ‘Cytopoint’ and whilst it is new to Australia it has been available to help allergy patients in the US for the last 18 months and has a great track record so far. We are excited about the relief potential that this medication has to offer our itchy dogs.  It has an excellent safety profile, a fantastic response rate and can be used in conjunction with many other medications which means we no longer have to choose to treat one medical condition over another. We can treat both problems at the same time giving our close furry family members the relief they deserve. Cytopoint is given in clinic by injection with each one lasting between 4-8 weeks.  We recognise that each patient has individual needs and at your initial vet visit we will discuss what these are both for you and your dog.  The feedback we have received from the patients that have received Cytopoint already this month has been very positive. More information can be found at the recent Australian Veterinary Association conference proceedings of which Dr Nicole attended:

 If you would like more information or would like to book in for an appointment, please contact the clinic on 9497 7488.  

Puppy Pre-School at Foothills

Puppy school is now running at Foothills Animal Hospital and is proving to be a great success!

Pictured above is one of our groups of graduates looking very proud of themselves! At Foothills, we offer a comprehensive 4 week program for puppies and their parents to learn the basics needed for raising a happy and healthy dog.

If you are interested in signing up, please click here for more information.
Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with puppy school news and regular cuteness!


Are your pet's vaccinations up to date?

As the warmer months are starting to creep up on us, we think back to around this time last year when parvovirus showed its ugly head.
Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that can produce a life-threatening illness. The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells in a dog’s body, most severely affecting the intestinal tract.
Parvovirus is extremely contagious and can be transmitted by any person, animal or object that encounters an infected dog’s faeces. Highly resistant, the virus can live in the environment for months even years and may survive on inanimate objects such as food bowls, shoes, clothes, carpet and floors. It is common for an un-vaccinated dog to contract parvovirus from the streets, especially in urban areas where there are many dogs.
If you are not sure about your dog’s vaccinations, please give us a call so we can let you know if your dog is covered or not. If you haven’t had them vaccinated in the last 12 months – give us a call.
Let’s aim for this year to be Parvo free!

Resident hens arrive at Foothills!

The two newest additions to the Foothills family are Betty & Stevie the hens. The staff have been eagerly awaiting their arrival to the clinic after meeting them at just a few days old. Dr Nicole raised the chicks until a couple of weeks ago when they were big enough to fend for themselves. The chooks spend their nights roosting in the ‘Taj Mahal chicken coop’ and the days wandering around the outdoor area keeping the vegie-eating bugs at bay! Next time you’re in, be sure to say hi!


FAH Compete in the Annual Blackwood Marathon

The Blackwood Marathon – WE DID IT!! 💪💪😊😊
Over the weekend, 3 Foothills teams competed in the Annual Blackwood Marathon in Bridgetown. The race challenged each and everyone one of us and no one was left within their comfort zone that’s for sure!! We are all still buzzing and are already making plans for next year’s race.

'Jazz' -Pet Ambulance & Mobile Vehicle joins the team!

Our newest member of the team “Jazz” (our mobile vehicle and pet ambulance) is finally dressed to impress and ready to start doing her thing 😍 🚗

Now offering:
🔸vet and nurse house calls
🔸home euthanasia
🔸pet transport
🔸pet ambulance

**When 2 or more pets are seen, we will waive the house call surcharge **

More info.





Foothills veggie garden thrives!

The staff at Foothills have had a veggie garden on their wish list for quite some time now and this spring, our wish was granted.

What a lovely surprise we received when we arrived at the clinic to find the soil had been enriched and trestles had been put in place to support our veggies. Each staff member was gifted a plant and we all got busy seeding them. We are now beginning to reap the rewards as our tomatoes, beetroot, lettuce, broccoli and capsicum flourish! Our chickens also play a great part in helping keep the insects at bay.

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