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 Behavioural Consultations

with Dr Rachel White BSc BVMS (hons)

Behaviour specific consultations are now available at Foothills Animal Hospital. Dr Rachel has a special clinical interest and extensive experience in helping those pets and their families who are experiencing behavioural problems. The relationship between an animal’s health, environment, past experiences and it’s behaviour is a complex one that requires patience, time and understanding. We all experience the world differently and for some pets with fear and anxiety, the world can be a scary place. It is a privilege to help these pets find a path to improved mental health.

These unique consultations are conducted over 1.5 hours. They involve completion of an extensive questionnaire and are followed up with a report detailing plans for improved mental health.

If you are concerned about you pet’s behaviour or you would like to book a behavioural consult, please contact us here at Foothills and we can make an appointment for you and your pet to see Dr Rachel White.

‘Chill Pill’ Package

It is not an uncommon occurrence to have a pet who is unhappy about paying the vet a visit. Sometimes, the stress the visit causes to the pet can be the reason they aren’t seen as much as they should be and the thought of this makes us very sad. To help those dogs and cats who are not relaxed at the vet, we have put together our ‘chill pill’ package.

The package includes a mild sedative that is given in the form of a tablet prior to their visit. This helps ensure they are relaxed and that both yours and their stress levels remain at a minimum.

We trialled this for a few weeks and found the results to be amazing! Staff and owners alike have noticed dramatic imrpovements in their pets during vet visits and best of all, our lovely animal family gets the care and attention they deserve.

The cost is $35 no matter the size or shape of the patient.

By law, this product must be approved by a veterinarian and the animal must have been seen for a health check within the past 6 months.

Don’t let stressful vet visits put you off!
Talk to our team today about how we can tailor this package to suit your pet’s needs.

Low stress vet visits are a real thing… we promise!

The Foothills team pride themselves on providing low-stress treatment to every single animal that walks through our doors. We hate the thought of animals crouching down as you drive past the vet and so there are a few things we put in place to ensure both pet and pet-parent have a pleasant experience at the vet.
For starters, we wear green! Studies show it is a welcoming yet calming colour for humans and animals alike. In fact the colour palate and design of the entire hospital have been centred around this idea. The rooms are full of natural light, we have seperate dog and cat wards and a specific cat consulting room, separate waiting areas, treats on arrival, calming Adaptil-sprayed bandanas and much more.

Our favourite feature however, has got to be our outdoor consulting garden! This space is ideal for alll dogs but espcially nervous ones. We can bring you around the side of the hospital into our garden so that your pup doesn’t need to set foot in the clinic at all. Entering throough the side gate, they are met with a shaded area to sit by or drink from the water feature and a length of grass to stretch their legs on. We also have two outdoor waiting areas for dogs.

If you have any questions or are concerned your dog may be a little unhappy when visiting, please let us know when booking your appointment and we will ensure we are prepared for your arrival and we will do everything we can to help make it a relaxed and enjoyable experience.
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